About Me

You are probably looking at the author’s name and see “esmilita”. This is not my real name. This is simply a log-in name. My real name is *******. I am currently 14 years old but I will turn 15 later towards the end of July. Chelsea is currently 11 ½ . I have one sister whose name is Jennifer (she’s 16 years old). And trust me, Jennifer is the best sister ever 😀 . She and Chelsea-girl are my bestest friends ever. In addition to having Chelsea, I also have two goldfish one that I named Hamster and the other that my sister named Krista (or Christa?). It all started about four summers ago when we were at the Old Fashioned Days Carnival. We were about to home, but I said “hey wait, dad, can I go play one more game before we leave?”. Haha, he never knew what the prizes were until after I won the goldfish (which I named Heather – she is now in our flower garden under our front window underneath some rose bushes).

I also am the happy owner of two pet bunnies. This all started when I was in the fifth grade. Every year at our school, all of the fifth graders got to go on a trip to an outdoor camp/school. It was pretty fun, you got to go on nature hikes, play games, sleep on old bunks, and a bunch of other cool stuff. One thing that most people did not like though was their job. Mine was easy – I just had to help set the table for lunch (no clean up though). One job I had luckily not gotten was Bathroom Cleaner – and no I’m not joking. I may have been happy with setting the tables but the whole week that I was there, I wished that I had been able to be at the petting zoo. I wanted to take of all the animals. And when I had free time, me and a few other people would go back and hold the rabbits. For the next year after that when I was in the sixth grade, I was always talking about wanting a rabbit and reminding people about how happy I was that I got to name a baby one when I was there. So then about November-ish we were waiting at the mall to get our hair cuts. Two stores down from Master Cuts was a pet shop. So I went over and started petting them. Immediately I picked out a favorite bunny and before the day was over, I had two bunnies! My mom wanted him (at the time a “her”) to have a friend (again “she” later turned out to be a “him”). And that it how I wound up with Happy and Libby.

Now back to the me part.

*My favorite color is grassy green although you may find it interesting that it changes about every week and was very previously cherry red.

*My favorite food is pizza (although I sadly cannot eat it without getting sick L )

*I love animals

*Everything in my bedroom from the closet walls to the carpet to the clothes and toys and alarm clock light projector are light blue.

*My favorite type of shoes – even before the trend breakout – are clogs.

*I can make this list go on forever

*I have this obsession with llamas and occasionally alpacas

*I the little star asterisks

*I believe in ghosts

*I am a Christian

*I live in the Mid-west (America)

*I like watching and listening to the cardinals in a pine tree outside my window

*Nothing is more fun than shopping, playing soccer, eating brownies or cookies, or annoying my lovely sister Jennifer

*I have learned that you can’t have everything but you can sure try to.

*I love skiing and soccer

*I look forward to the artfest at a local ski resort in the summer

*Summer and winter are equally great

* I love speaking Spanish it is the best language evah!

*Okay, I’m done with this for now*


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